Using your mind to Change the World

by | 7 Jan, 2020

A Response to the Australian Wildfires and Other Catastrophes and Disasters Around the World

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Intention is something that ancient mystics have always known is the key to life, and it’s the key to how life unfolds. It works not only on a personal level, but also transpersonally as well. It works collectively.

Let’s say you have an example of personal change in your mind. You suddenly decide to move from an ‘I’m not good enough’ to an ‘I am good enough’ mindset. If you make that kind of shift, and do your inner work around it, the difference in the way people will treat you is absolutely astonishing. You will see it in relationships. You will see the many positive changes that come once we start to believe in ourselves, and we start to do the work of intending there be love and peace.

If you look at the collective level, consider the stock markets for example. Generally, they go up and down. You may think how can they be so volatile sometimes? There’s certain technical reasons to do with how people trade, but there’s also the collective consciousness.  People lose confidence in a market. It catches like a virus, and then no one believes it’s going to be any good. The whole thing crashes. Similarly, when everybody’s thinking positively, things go up and up.

There’s forces at work not only in us, but between us. There is a matrix of thought that exists in any culture. That matrix of thought tells us what’s correct and what’s not correct, and we end up trying to align our lives with that matrix so that we can get by. In one place that matrix will say, ‘it’s ok for women to get married when they’re twelve’.  In another place it’ll say, ‘it’s not ok for women to get married when they’re twelve. They’re not women.’ These kinds of agreements are a mass consciousness agreement, which reality then falls in behind. I’m not just talking about laws, I’m talking about things that are much more subtle, such as how we feel about things, and the kinds of value judgments that we hold. They all change the way things are.

So, what about the weather and the fires?  We know without any shadow of a doubt that the earth is going through a warming cycle. It is getting hotter. We also know that humans pollute, and that neither of these things are particularly great. There’s a lot of politics around it all. These are real problems, no matter what side of the politics you’re on. I don’t like getting into politics. I prefer getting into things that are common sense. It’s pretty clear, that if we had less pollution, and people loved the earth more, and there were more trees, it’s going to be a better place.

So what happens when you get 25 million people focused on that problem?  What’s it going to do? It’s going to energise and grow the problem with the power of intention.

I already know kids in their 20s who are questioning whether they should have babies because ‘what’s going to happen to the earth?’I think, ‘that’s just such a terrible reality to be facing, but if we all hold that vision, it’s kind of inevitable.’  However, if we can collectively utilise visioning techniques, things often turn around.

At this level of consciousness we don’t know what the answer is. We definitely know we’ve got to clean the place up. We’ve got to have people loving the land and loving each other. Our inner attitude and what we’re visioning for the future is going to have an effect on what happens.

Scientists are saying things are going faster than they thought. I would like to share with you some work that’s been done, just in case in your mind you sort of think, ‘oh well, I’m not sure about this intention business’. The Power of Eight is a book by Lynne McTagget which sets out interesting scientific experiments around the power of intention. Our minds need a coat hanger sometimes, for why it’s important for us to change the way we’re visioning our future.

Let’s have a look at the power of intention from some of these studies. The essence of why it works is because before something happens, there’s a probability that it will happen, but, it hasn’t yet solidified into that thing happening, until it happens. That’s when the jelly sets, when it actually happens. It’s quantum physics 101. This book explains how science is now saying the most essential ingredient in creating our universe is the consciousness that observes it.

Several of the central figures in quantum physics argue that the universe is democratic and participatory. That it’s a joint effort between the observer and the observed, and that what we focus on tends to grow.  It implies that observation and visioning, the very involvement of consciousness, gets the kind of coagulated energy jelly to actually set in a certain pattern, which creates a certain reality. This is the idea behind it all.  So the investigation then led from, ‘if actually looking at and observing something is changing it, what if you actually have a clear intention when you go into it? What does that do?’ This then spawned a whole range of intention experiments.

At a research laboratory at Princeton University, scientists created a sophisticated scholarly research program grounded in hard science. Over 25 years scientists Jahn and Dunne led what became a massive international effort to quantify what is referred to as ‘micropsychokinesis’, which means, the ability to make things happen. The effect of the mind on random event generators.

A random event generator performs the electronic 21st century equivalent of tossing a coin, heads or tails. The output of these machines, the computerised equivalent of heads or tails was controlled by randomly alternating frequency of positive and negative pulses. Because their activity was totally random they produced heads or tails roughly 50% of the time, according to the laws of probability. The most common configuration of the random energy generator experiments was a computer screen randomly alternating two attractive images.  Participants in the studies would be placed in front of the computers and asked to try to influence the machine to produce more of one image. Over the course of more than 2.5 million trials, they decisively demonstrated that human intention can influence these electronic devices in the specified direction. Their results were replicated independently by 68 different investigators.

At a university in Texas they demonstrated that human thoughts can affect the direction in which fish swim. Also, the movement of other animals like gerbils and mice, and the breakdown of cells in the laboratory. Another study involves attempts to influence the throw of a dice. 73 studies have examined the efforts of 2500 people to influence more than 2.5 million throws of dice with extraordinary success. When all the studies were analyzed together, and allowances made for quality or selective reporting, the odds against the results occurring by chance alone were 10 to the power of 76. That’s 10,000 times 76 zero’s. Impossible odds.

They have conclusively proven that human thought influences physical matter. These are such important scientific studies. Real science. This isn’t a hypothesis that someone’s trying to prove.

One of the things that happens in life is that we’re faced with a problem. The problem might be ‘I’m not getting respect in my relationships’, or ‘fire is burning the entire country’. In the physical dimension this problem has already happened so the first priority is how do I make myself safe and how do I survive? That’s the most important thing. Everyone’s in survival mode at the moment. Then after that, the question becomes ‘how do I turn it around?’ To turn it around we’re actually using the dimension of our mind. The mind is able to visualize a future and turn the ship of where we’re heading. If you did it in relationships, imagine what would happen if we got an empowered group of people to consistently visualise that Australia becomes a lush and fertile country with good rainfall?

Back in the day when the Aboriginal people managed the land, it was in much better condition than it is now. If you want to have a look at some of that research then I recommend a book called Dark Emu, a really good book by Bruce Pascoe. Dark Emu sets out a lot of research around what the first settlers saw, as opposed to what the government reported they saw. And what they actually saw was crops growing, and houses, and grain storage,and cachets of tools located around the place. There was rotation of crops, and they did it seasonally, and they did it with great respect for the land.  They never overburdened the land. Places that are now desert used to be very fertile when the land was understood, worked with, loved, appreciated and treated in a balanced way.

So what would happen if we started to hold a vision of that?

And you can pray. Investigators who study prayer have found that it works better specifically than it does generally. Praying for someone to not have their house burnt and it’s more likely to be successful than ‘can we please not have any houses burned’. That’s not likely to be as successful statistically.  So, make sure that you are taking responsibility to pray for and target your vision of protection on anyone you know who’s in the path of these things. Your love and your vision will help protect them for sure. I’d urge you to spend some part of everyday until this is all over, sending that vision and intention of love and protection to the people that you personally know and have a connection with.

But secondly let’s start holding a vision of a country that is not just consistently bone dry or flooded. That isn’t polluted. That people value trees, and that they like trees and want to plant trees and that they don’t want to pollute. The basic stuff. If we all did that I think we could create a vision for the future that would be different from the doomsday prophecy that is taking root within our culture. So, I’m asking you to enlist in an alternative vision for the future, because whatever we put our energy in is going to be more likely to manifest.

It takes a hell of a lot of strength to be able to keep your mind on a positive vision when hell is breaking out all around you. It’s extremely difficult.

We don’t have to have the answers. If we create some kind of healthy vision, then what happens is all these really clever people who know about science and technology and agriculture and all sorts of things get inspired ‘oh I could do this’ ‘oh we could do that’, so we’re all working together. So the spiritual people do their part, the prayer, the meditation and the visioning. The scientific people do their part which is ‘oh how can I make that work’, because the vision is put in the mass consciousness by us. Do you see? Then they catch it and run with it. We couldn’t do that. But maybe they don’t have the strength to help hold the vision sometimes either. So we all work together and it works really well.

Shakti Durga

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