Intuitive Brain, Creative Mind, Genius Mind

by | 26 Jun, 2019

Access your intuitive brain/mind and the benefits of this part of your consciousness.

Anyone who has overworked understands that you get on a treadmill. You want to get this done, you want to get that done, your rational mind is going flat-out all day. You’re problem-solving, you’re task-focused, you want to tick these things off your to-do list. 

We’ve all lived like that at different times. The problem is that being like that is actually an unbalanced way to live. It cuts us off from a lot of our humanity. 

We have a whole other piece of brain that we’re able to use, the creative brain or the intuitive brain. 

When we get out in nature, when we meditate, when we sing, when we laugh, when we have fun we are accessing our intuitive brain. When we have unstructured time, time when we don’t have appointments, time to daydream. All of these things act as a safety valve that takes the pressure off. 

Our rational mind cannot understand relationships, it’s not built to, it doesn’t understand fun. People who live in their rational mind all the time often get a bit dull and boring.  They just want to talk about work, they just want to do work, there’s no space for anything else. Their relationships, and their inner life suffers as well. 

What if this week, we devote 5% of your time to a more creative pursuit. Be it art, music, dancing, walking in the bush, meditating, just having fun with friends.  Doing something that doesn’t have an output, doing something that’s unstructured, something that’s just for you. 

What will happen is you will refresh your mind.  When you do go back to work after having rested.  You’ll find that your output will be better. You will be more able to get through what you need to and, probably, with better outcomes.  Because our creative mind is connected to our genius mind. 

So why not bring all of who we are to our life and enjoy all of it?

Shakti Durga

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