Letter from the USA

by | 28 Jan, 2015

A very long Monday 26th January.

On Australia Day, William and I departed for the USA, where we will be meeting up with Gayatri, Arjuna and with many people, new friends and old, through Shanti Mission America.

We had fun on our flight over, William watched six movies and while it was comfortable, neither of us slept. I did some chanting and was aware of the different Nature sprites and Devic energy as we came close to the coast of the USA. Los Angeles means City of Angels and I felt that they were aware of everyone entering, within or departing from the city. As usual when going to a different country, I asked permission to bring the offering of my spirit to the land and people. Acknowledgement and respect is so important. I sought and gave blessings, and confirmed my peaceful intention for being here.

We shot through immigration and baggage claim in astonishingly quick time. The beautiful Gayatri, a disciple who lives here in LA picked us up. It was so nice to see her, after several years during which we stayed in touch through retreats, online classes and email.
It was 6am, we hadn’t slept, and our accommodation was not available until 1pm. So we went for a drive, north of Los Angeles along the beaches, until we came to Paradise Cove, where we had breakfast in a character filled beachfront diner, replete with many historic photos of the cove going back nearly one hundred years. It had views up and down the coast, and we walked out on the boardwalk for a proper look before heading inland to explore the scenery in the various valleys surrounding Los Angeles.

In the Santa Monica hills we went to a Venkateshwara (Lord Vishnu) temple. The energy was amazing, and we asked the priest if there were any seva’s or pujas on. He motioned us to go downstairs and when we got there, we were in time for Lord Ganesha abhishekam. Even though to my mind this temple trip was unplanned, it seemed that Lord Ganesha knew we were coming and blessed Gayatri and I (William was asleep in the car) and blessed our journey in the USA.

I heard Amma asking me to go back upstairs and sit in the Lord Vishnu temple, even though we had just come from there. When we went back up, the priest did aarti to Vishnu in the main temple and we received a blessing. The priest had noticed my Lakshmi pendant and Vishnu ring that I had forgotten I was wearing, and asked where we were from. I told him about Amma. He knew all about the Golden temple and Amma Narayani, and we were very warmly received. Then I heard Lord Venkateshwara telling me that He would guide me throughout the time we were in the USA. Wow, and we weren’t even up to morning tea on day one yet!

We found sim cards that worked in our Aussie phones, and swung via a grocery store before finding our accommodation, which is half a block from Venice beach with a wonderful view of the sandy beach and Pacific ocean.

Gayatri and Arjuna arrive tomorrow. It will be nice to hear of their ongoing adventures in India, where they have been staying since the retreat ended.

And now for a good rest, and a couple of relaxing days before we head up to Colorado for Empowering Relationships and a heap of other things with Lakshmi Ananda and the gang.

Blessings to everyone,
Namaste Shakti Durga



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