Mantra – A Gateway to Stillness & Bliss

by | 27 Sep, 2022

Have you explored mantra?  Here’s how it can impact your life and why you should try it out.

I wasn’t so sure when I first started. What’s all this mantra about?! Repeating these words when I’ve got no idea what they even mean!

But…something in me resonated with it on some level and this caused me to persist with mantra.  And to my surprise, the more I practised mantra, I found that it changed my state, my state of consciousness and my emotional state.

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I would sometimes find that I would wake up in the middle of the night and my mind was practising the mantra without me asking it to.  Eventually this created such a feeling of joy and connection. And now when I practice mantra, it’s very commonly the case that I quickly start to experience stillness internally and a great deal of bliss.

They say in the Scriptures, the ancient texts, that sometimes you have to practice a mantra 10,000 times before you get the benefit. But I’m here to tell you, there’s a cheat in the system. And that is get a guru to bless it into you. Because then all of that enlivened Shakti is transmitted from the Guru’s practice of the mantra into you through their kindness and through their love.

And I found that sometimes, it only takes a few repetitions of a mantra when it’s been blessed into you for amazing results to occur. Lots of bliss, lots of peace, and a kind of an alignment with flow that defies logic, but is real.

Try some mantra by joining one of the sessions below…you might be surprised just how good it is.

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