Podcast: The Limits of Human Consciousness

by | 29 Sep, 2022

Mother Artha gave this teaching on 5 February 2021.

Mother Artha begins by activating the ajna chakra (the energy centre between the eyebrows) of the listener. She talks about spiritual progress and how it can stir up things we have been trying to ignore. She discusses the nature of human consciousness and calls the creative Angels to bless the listener.

Mother Artha explains the purpose of a Guru and why it is beneficial to have one.



Explanatory Notes. 

Ignite Your Spirit Therapy – Neo Shamanic energy healing modality developed by Shakti Durga and practiced by hundreds of therapists around the world.

Paraclete – the veil that sits between the mind and the soul. It is a veil upon the mind.

Para Braham – supreme Divine consciousness beyond all forms.


Listen to the Discussion – https://www.shaktidurga.com/podcast-the-limits-of-human-consciousness-discussion/



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