Peace Angels

by | 17 Oct, 2015

Shakti Durga shares her experience with the Peace Angels at the Parliament of the World’s Religions.

Namaste beloveds, Last night at the opening plenary for the Parliament of the World’s Religions, three of the Peace Angels arrived with glowing wings and radiant energy. They were an instant hit, with around 500 people asking for photographs with them, people from all traditions. The energy was flowing and it was as if there was a portal of peace descending through the three Angels that was truly heavenly.

This morning at our pre-breakfast retreat practices, Mother Durga graced us with Her presence. She congratulated the Peace Angels and then invited them to be initiated as Peace Ambassadors and in some cases, Priests and Priestesses of Divine light.

Each initiation, and the vows that accompanied it, was pulled from the soul of the Angel and the instant change in the light body was obvious. Filaments of light lit up like a Christmas tree as they vowed to serve and bless as Peace Angels. At times Mother Durga walked straight into the back of the body, at other times Her lion placed His foot upon the head of the person, instilling confidence as well as radiance.

Vows were also offered by the non-peace Angels in attendance, people’s souls rejoicing to be able to be tasked with sharing what they know, being worthy of service, their progress recognized and appreciated by the Divine, it was so beautiful.

Each was unique, Maitreya took a vow as a priest, and Durga called all of the Enlightened Buddhas of Compassion that exist in creation to merge through Him in service to humanity.

Gayatri was blessed by Mother Gayatri in cosmic form, and Mother Durga, who sailed into the body of Gayatri connecting Cosmic Gayatri, Durga and Narayani. It was stunning to behold.

Anandanetti was initiated as a High Priestess, with responsibility for the wellbeing of all the Peace Angels in Shanti Mission, and everyone joyfully proclaimed Her role. Their affirmations to and for her, resounded through her whole being. And Serene Durga just kept on blazing.

Vows are a big responsibility. Ma Durga told everyone several times that the way forward was consistency of aim and effort. Be consistent in your spiritual practices, be consistent in your aim to fulfill your vow to bring peace and illumination to all.

Several people commented at the end of the ceremony that they felt that they had been waiting for this for their whole lives. At our forthcoming sessions we are going to explore the detail of the vows and how we can live into them with integrity and joy.

And today, all 22 of the Peace Angels who are here with us will form a procession through West Temple street in Salt Lake City, and from one end of the giant Crystal Palace (yes, that’s the name of the conference center the Parliament is held within) to the other.

Every where we turn there are conference delegates, delighted to be meeting with like minded people from 70 different countries around the globe.

In other news, it is now the Holy 9 days of Navaratri, and people in Australia will be enjoying retreats at both of our Ashrams at Cooranbong and Canyonleigh. Savitur, Jagatambe, Bhadrakali and the gang are at Amma’s ashram soaking in the Divine presence, and the Lakshmi flavor of this years Navaratri. We are feeling the energy here in USA.

In a couple of hours our presentations take place. There is a flurry of activity, preparation for a flower puja, vocal warm ups, prayers, final rehearsals, with wings and rose petals everywhere.

Tune in and share your love with everyone here – you are not alone

Blessings Shakti Durga



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