Podcast: Be the Person you came here to Be

by | 20 Feb, 2020

Be the Person you came here to Be

“Sing your soul’s song and your soul sings you.”

Have you ever noticed that nothing flows when you’re off track, but when you follow your soul, everything seems to fall into place?

Sometimes we take actions that might seem the right ones, but they don’t align with our soul’s path. It might be that we’re following someone else’s way because it seems the logical thing to do or it could be our own rational track, but it still doesn’t reflect our soul’s desires.

We are all part of the overall jigsaw puzzle of co-creating Heaven on Earth, bringing more peace, joy, health, and happiness to the whole world, and it is ideal to sing our soul’s song even if it has a lot of lumps and bumps on the way.


In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #09 Shakti Durga is sharing some beautiful insights into what it means to follow your voice inside, and how you can do this with a peaceful mind.

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