Podcast: Finding your Purpose

by | 26 Feb, 2020

Finding your Purpose

I believe we find our purpose by working through the adversity that life throws at us. We all came here with the potential to be able to shine and let our light flow, and what we have to offer is unique and formed by a number of intersecting things.

Life takes unexpected twists and when we first start dealing with problems, sometimes we get swamped by our troubles. But, our higher soul is interested in understanding the deeper meaning of those obstacles and what it feels like to give and receive, and what its true purpose is here, on Earth.

People’s whole life experience, everything they’ve ever learned, becomes relevant to their mission and the satisfaction of seeing the joy on someone’s face when you have genuinely helped them, is worth the burdens we’re faced with.

Listen to this episode of Soul Talk, to learn how to find, accept, and embrace your true purpose, so that you can bring light on Earth and on the other souls you touch.



In this episode of Soul Talk:

In episode #11 you will learn:

  • What an Earth Angel is and how can you be one. (00:52)
  • Karma determines what it is you have to offer. (02:14)
  • An example of how life can take an unexpected twist, to bring you closer to finding your mission. (03:30)
  • How to seize the opportunity of being a bringer of the angelic quality. (09:29)
  • Falling into love is invaluable. (11:02)
  • Everything you experience becomes relevant to your mission. (12:30)
  • We’re not here to rescue others and fulfill their mission. We are here to assist them. (14:54)

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